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When was the last time you had a price decrease?

The Goodyman's warehouse program can reduce your costs by 20% – 40% over your current program.

*Maintain/increase margins with lower retails – increased sales, increased profit.

*No compromise on product quality  -  top quality manufacturers brands.

*Pricing based on single pallet of mixed sku quantities  -  no large minimums required.

*Just in time inventory – product ships in 24 hours after receipt of order  -  helps reduce your costs/levels of inventory.

*Frozen program until product displayed in store – maintains freshness, reduces/eliminates loss due to stales.

*Coast to coast distribution allows regional or national programs.

Without compromising quality or service, Goodyman delivers dead net pricing on manufacturer's brands which allows for lower retail prices and increased margins - a winning combination for both retailers and customers.

The Goodyman's programs provide significantly better “bottom line” for you and your business.  This improvement in your cost savings can be proven simply and easily using our Goodyman Savings Calculator.  Please email  us for a copy of this Excel sheet and you can calculate the cost of a typical order you would normally receive – and see the major cost savings that would result with the Goodyman.

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